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There is a strange contradiction in personalisation. The more effort you put into giving a customer or prospect personal attention, the less time you have to give others your attention.

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It is our mission to help companies to become Smart and Continious in their B2B market approach.

Find out how to engage with your prospects in a smart way. Add value, convince, and conquer whole subgroups.  Use tooling for automation and data retrieval. Use insights to keep on tuning your approach.

Keep on contacting new prospects, in a smart way, every day and never stop.

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When you walk into a shop, how do you want the staff to act?  What feeling do you get when they start stalking you?

Too many companies are trying to sell their product or solution to prospects. Most people do not want you to sell them something, they want to choose a solution for their challenge.

Prospects will, however, allow you to advise them, as long as you are truly interested in their business and their personal challenges.

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All our employees work from home up to 80% of their hours. So if we do not answer the landline, we are probably on our way. Please mail us or plan a meeting for when it suits you.

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