SalesFeed recognition & intelligence

Recognize companies visiting your website, follow up proactively & use smart marketing intelligence

1. Recognise website visiting companies

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly which companies were visiting your website and what they were reading? You can do just that with SalesFeed.

Now you can (try to) engage with them proactively.
If you are first to the table, you are more likely to bring that prospect in as a customer. With a customer, chances are good that you can keep competition out.

2. Make each visit relevant

With Salesfeed, you immediately have comprehensive marketing intelligence at your disposal.

When a company visits, you already know, for example, how big they are, which industry they operate in and which campaign brought them to your website.
You can immediately apply personalisation matching their origins and interests.

3. Convert more visits to deals

Automatically filter visitors who are fascinating to you and show interesting reading behaviour.

Let SalesFeed personalise page content based on their apparent interest, or offer a white paper via a pop-up. This way, you can easily apply retargeting within your own website. Send an automated message to a sales rep with the details of a website visit by his customer or prospect.

Social Runner is Social Selling done for you

More opportunities with the same effort


Thanks to Salesfeed, we know immediately when a customer or prospect shows interest in one of our services.

We decide on a case-by-case basis whether to follow up the opportunity proactively or nurture the lead.

Patrick Louwe

CEO, it2grow

Try Salesfeed risk free

30 days free trial

Do you know what companies visit your website, but not convert to leads yet? Recognizing companies is the beginning of many opportunities. Do you want to see it happening at your own website?

3 month expert guided pilot

Do you want to try & buy all by yourself or do you preffer some expert guidance? We have helped hundreds of companies to explore and implement Salesfeeds options.

With similar solutions, you can only test for up to 2 weeks. After that, you are stuck with a one-year contract.

We think it is important to give you time to explore the possibilities properly. You can explore Salesfeed for 4 months without long-term commitments.

Marketing Intelligence

We manage our projects based on facts. We work hard and smart. The data from Salesfeed tells us exactly what’s working and what’s not.

We want to make sure the marketing activities resonate. Do we reach the right audience? What are they interested in? Maybe a prospect from a previous campaign resurfaces. Thanks to Salesfeed, we know. You know everything.

Tune effort, score better leads

We always want to do better than yesterday. So we study the data regularly to see how your campaigns can score even more. And we use Salesfeed for extra personalisation.

24/7 real-time reporting via portal dashboard

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Get triggered by exciting visits and new opportunities

When is a visit to your website interesting? That has to do with what kind of visitor it is, what that person is reading and for how long. SalesFeed gives you that information on a silver platter. 


Sales feed triggers, filters & actions

We can ensure that only the most interesting visitors, who fit your strategic goals and exhibit exactly the right behaviour, are brought up as leads through filters and triggers.

Recognising companies is the beginning of many opportunities


Do you want to know about what products and services your customers are reading on your website? Sales can get that insight directly via email or as a task in your CRM. That way, you can start proactively expanding the customer relationship, without leaving the competitor any chance.

New business

Which prospects are visiting your website? Are they really interested or briefly eyeballing your site?

Focus on the visitors that really fit your profile and start engaging with these prospects. Both marketing and sales can take part in this effort. We can assist with ideas and tips to get in touch.

Competitive advantage

Being the first to the table with a client or prospect gives you a huge advantage. You are able to influence the client’s considerations for an investment or selection. What could be taken into consideration? Help the customer or prospect choose the right solution from the right party. You probably?

Optimise Google ads

Are you getting the right traffic to your website through your Google Ads ? With SalesFeed, you can check that per campaign and then tune them accordingly.

Get more personal

Automatically adapt your website content to the characteristics and reading behaviour of your visitors. Get creative and relevant with variants in text, visuals and URLs.

LinkedIn targeting

Use the visitors data to export a LinkedIn target list for free! Make a ultra-efficient campaign to reach exactly the right professionals at these selected companies.

Additional Services

Lead follow-up done for you

If you are too busy with your current customers, we will follow-up leads and start conversations with prospects

Data enrichment and Customer cloning

Enjoy the abundance of information Salesfeed has available to find new groups of prospects and leads.

Implementation services & free trial

Enjoy the totally free trial or take the smart route and use our experienced consultants to explore Salesfeed.

LinkedIn Social Selling with Social Runner

Precise targeting & more efficient adds

Want to play the A game in B2B marketing? With Salesfeed and LinkedIn adds, you can.

With Salesfeed you can generate target lists which enable you to only advertise DMU members in your exact target group. This is efficient for awareness campaigns and lead gen. 

Prospects clicking your add and visiting your website are detected instantly, and you can choose a proactive approach to them.

Add some magic

Adapt content to visitor’s intention

Knowing the attributes of your website visitors, you can tune your story to their likings. Adapt visuals, headings, text or target URLs of buttons to optimise the experience on your website. Make it personal!

Industry specific

Even on their very first page view on your website, you can personalise their experience. For instance: show industry relevant customer stories. Or adapt the content of a page to their previous visit to your website. Stand out!

What can we achieve for you?

TachYons is one of the most experienced SalesFeed partners. We can help you with the licensing and implementation of SalesFeed. But more important, we can help you analyse and interpret the SalesFeed marketing data available from your website and campaigns. But let us start by discussing what value SalesFeed (and we) can add in your specific situation.

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