How we are & what we value

We serve you and your future happy customers


This is what you can achieve working with TachYons in 2-12 months!

Together, we make sure you get more new customers, partners, resellers or employees who are a good fit for your strategic B2B plans.

Attract & personalise

Realistic strategy & executable plan

Do you not have a cut-out strategic plan yet? No problem, we will help you develop one. But a plan without an execution is merely a dream.

Turning strategy into executable plans is one of our specialities!

We can translate big goals into doable steps. We want to go granular in facilitating your success.

Do you want to outsource parts of your marketing & sales process? We will cover you every day.

Vibrant activities & real results

We strongly believe in Social Selling as a B2B approach. It suits this era.

We choose only to approach relevant prospects in a way that is fitting and interesting to them. No impersonal crude to an entire market. We take a personal, valuable, focused approach.

Not only does this feel better for everyone. It also ensures achieving real results in the long run.

Our tried and tested S.T.I.G. methodology

S.T.I.G. is the result of decades of experience, a flexible (growth) mindset, exploring many things, holding on to what’s valuable combined with straight forward-thinking.

It assures a comprehensive approach to your challenges. S.T.I.G. helps us to consider everything that could be of value in your business case. S.T.I.G. shapes our in-depth interviews, thorough plans and continuous execution.


Do you have a strategy for your company? Why is there a place for your company in your marketplace? How does your product, service, or proposition make a difference to your customers? What kind of prospects can your company offer the most value? Is your business model viable in the future?

It helps to have somebody with a fresh and different perspective taking a good look before you start to execute. Above all: only when we understand your strategy we can truly support and represent you.


Great, you have a strategy and a plan. Tooling is essential to make sure all your effort will pay off. The two most important reason to start using tooling: optimizing results &  collecting data. 

First use applications to automate activities for efficiency. We think: marketing automation and Social Runner. Secondly, optimize results by tracking and recognising prospects engaging your content and add magic by personalisation. Here we are thinking Constant Contact and Social Runner. But most important: gathering data to make smart decisions. Any tool we advise, will give you this data.


You have a strategy for your company, right? Are you sure it will make you stand out? Is your business model viable in the future?  You need feedback and objective proof to optimise your strategy and your execution.

We do not only mean Data here. Insights might come from the tooling you use, but many insights come from interactions with prospects, customers, and peers.

Utilize data to make decisions based on facts, use experiences in the field as a reality check and to get inspired.


If you choose your battles wisely (Strategy) and in line with your long-term goals, the Infinite Game has started.

You are meeting relevant new prospects and gaining respect. Learn from every new customer and optimise your added value. Time to conquer and monetize that value you add. 

Never reside. Keep on measuring and tracking your activities. Keep on tuning to optimise the results.

Sooner or later positive results are inevitable.

TachYons our Values

A little confronting

Our clients are successful because we continuously contact new relevant prospects, with a compelling message. In their name, we grow the beginning of a professional B2B relationship. We seamlessly transfer the contact with a prospect when he or she is ready to get into more far-reaching contact.



The Dutch are known to be direct. If that is true, we are very, very Dutch. We are very direct and honest. It might be confronting. Nevertheless, we are always constructive and choose a positive approach.



We want to be truthful in our relationships. That might not serve our interest in the short term. But eventually, it will strengthen our relationships with employees, customers and partners.



We don’t bother if something falls just outside the agreements made. Likewise, we do expect everyone to at least keep to the agreements made. We believe that being flexible and doing the right thing will pay off.

We do make mistakes
We do not blame anybody

Within TachYons, it is very important to be open. Everyone can talk freely about mistakes that are made by anybody. We all make mistakes. We want people to try new things to get better results.

So we don’t blame people for making a mistake. We focus on mitigating the consequences, personal growth and preventing repetition.


Our infinite game
We do it better than yesterday

Most of our clients use our services and solutions for a long time, often for years. We ensure smart growth of your company towards your long-term goals. We play that ‘game’ every day. We aim to do it even better today than we did yesterday. We always keep your strategy in mind. Not as a final goal, but as an invariable direction. We wrote about our own Infinite Game here.

Do you feel like getting closer?

When you meet somebody. You feel an instant sentiment, even on a video call. The meeting progresses, and you subconsciously fill in details you did not even consider in the first moments. Lovely how our brains work. Let’s experience that together. What kind of meeting do you prefer?

Exited brains

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