Smart B2B Social Selling

Real conversations with new prospects.
Done for you, every day.

Are you too busy to consistently acquire new customers, or do you not have people who can do that well?

Our clients are successful because we continuously contact new relevant prospects, with a compelling message. In their name, we grow the beginning of a professional B2B relationship. We seamlessly transfer the contact with a prospect when he or she is ready to get into more far-reaching contact.

We work on your LinkedIn apparel

We make sure your appearance on LinkedIn is professional, relevant, and distinguishes you from the pack.

Optionally we will assist in content creation and publication. All the time you can use and enjoy your profile as much as you like. But we will make sure you’re in perfect shape in front of all your prospects.

We engage with your prospects daily

After proper preparation, we start to connect you to more and more prospects. We keep on going every day, every week, the entire year. For some customers, we have been running for over 4 years now.

We start 1-on-1 conversations, ask questions and add value. All in your name until we convert the contract into a meeting.

We keep on going and tuning, always.

We choose a well-prepared Smart strategy. Our tooling and reporting give us insights from collected data. We constantly test and explore to find effective tactics.

We use all our experience but never stop trying to find out which ways work best. We report and discuss progress at least monthly to hear what’s happening in your market.

I have a true challenge with the expert shortages in my market. Social Runner keeps on finding needles (candidates) in my haystack already 3 years and counting. I get in contact with candidates before they are aware that they are available.

Roel Cuijpers

Director, Ardosz

Free demo Social Runner 

What kind of prospects would you like us to target? Do you want to enlarge your market share, or is there a new segment you wish to ingress?

How can we make you successful, without you having to invest a lot of time?

Progress & succes dashboard

We manage our projects based on facts. We work hard and smart. The data from our tooling tells us exactly what’s working and what’s not.

We approach your target group at a fast pace, without losing sight of quality. We work transparently and take accountability. Your real-time report is available 24/7.

Monthly progress consultation

We always want to do better than yesterday. So we consult regularly to see how we can score even more.
What is happening in your market? How can we improve our narratives?

24/7 real-time reporting via portal dashboard

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Get prospects booked in to your calendar

Finding suitable prospects is often not easy. Yet, it is a matter of smart work and perseverance.
In the end, you almost always manage to get appointments on the calendar with prospects who are genuinely interested in your proposition.

Video: hoe wij elk Social Runner project telkens verbeteren

We continuously work on improvements and ROI

For years, we have carried out Social Runner projects for our clients. Some clients for more than four years! Each time, we improve our working methods, reports and consultations. We are always looking at how we can do better today than yesterday.

Common retail platforms were waning. Social Runner gave me a proactive edge over the lagging competition.

Ruud Morien

Retail expert, Franchise Makelaar

Additional Services

Lead follow-up

Are you too busy to follow up on the leads we generate? We also offer a service to make standardised offers and demo’s to prospects to shake out dropouts.

Lead nurturing

Sometimes prospects are interested, but the offer comes too soon. We can help keep the relationship warm.

LinkedIn Social Selling with Social Runner

Social Selling

Of course, there are more ways to approach prospects than just through LinkedIn. If it is smart, we deploy those too. For example, with call tactics, paper mailings and e-mailings.

Social selling has become integral to marketing and LinkedIn, especially for B2B. For one thing, because people want to be approached differently than before. On the other, because of regulations.
We are up-to-date with European privacy laws and know all (im)possibilities for approaching any business target group. So, also sole traders and other organisations where restrictions apply.

This is what we achieve for our customers every day

New Business

We start personalized conversations with the right officials within targeted organizations. Up to 34% accept your connection request. Then the game is on. We scout opportunities and book meetings.


When talent is scarce, the solution is to get into contact with potentials early. Preferably before they realize they are available! We present your job opportunity and book interviews.


Have you got great news? Something that might benefit many people in your network? We can tell everyone 1-on-1 what is in it for them. We convert opportunities into real sales cycles.

Franchise recruitment

Are you looking for entrepreneurs who want to make your brand big in their city or region? We can find them for you and determine whether they fit your formula.

Prospect validation

Would you like us to start contacting all prospects in your market on your behalf? We check if they are interesting for you and then they will be in the market.

Extend market reach

Another excellent benefit of Social Runner is that you get in direct contact with an ever-increasing part of your target market. Their networks extend your reach.

What can we achieve for you?

Social Runner is the most effective form of marketing or business development for many of our clients. They find new customers, fellow resellers or franchisees that meet their criteria thanks to Social Runner.
But that is not interesting. All that matters is the question: what can Social Runner do for you?

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