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Are you in Constant contact with all your customers and prospects?


The paradox of personalisation

There is a strange contradiction in personalisation. The more effort you put into giving a customer or prospect personal attention, the less time you have to give others your attention.

Attract & personalise

Grab attention and engage with people

When you walk into a shop, how do you want the staff to act?  What feeling do you get when they start stalking you?

Too many companies are trying to sell their product or solution to prospects. Most people do not want you to sell them something, they want to choose a solution for their challenge.

Prospects will, however, allow you to advise them, as long as you are truly interested in their business and their personal challenges.

Personalize & tune to user behavior.

It is our mission to help companies to become Smart and Continious in their B2B market approach.

Find out how to engage with your prospects in a smart way. Add value, convince, and conquer whole subgroups.  Use tooling for automation and data retrieval. Use insights to keep on tuning your approach.

Keep on contacting new prospects, in a smart way, every day and never stop.

5 reasons to start using Constant Contact

Email marketing is still top in effectiveness

Looking for new customers, applicants, or franchisees? Want to be more successful and effective? Or do you want to spend more time with your family? This will be your next favorite service!

Social Marketing & Selling are essential

Are you sure all your customers and prospects are nurtured? Which customers have had no contact with your company in the last 3 months? Are they in the market for a repeat purchase or upsell? Get into Constant Contact.

Automation is inevitable  for growth

Are your LinkedIn campaigns turning into camPAIgNs? Confused by the new subscription types, continuous chances, and rising add rates? Team with us to start your new favorite campaign!

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Sales & marketing integration

Do you have a strategy for your company? Are you sure it will make you stand out? Is your business model viable in the future?  It helps to have somebody with a fresh and different perspective take a good look before you start to execute.

Profit optimisation with analytics

Wondering why your marketing effort is not paying off? Who are all those website visitors and why do they not convert? Invested a lot in your website and is it not paying back? This will be your next favorite tool!

Your Constant Contact & Leadgen Solution 

Our clients are successful because we continuously contact new relevant prospects, with a compelling message. In their name, we grow the beginning of a professional B2B relationship. We seamlessly transfer the contact with a prospect when he or she is ready to get into more far-reaching contact.

Implementation & boarding

We make sure your appearance on LinkedIn is professional, relevant, and adds value to your prospects.

If it suits you, we will assist in content creation and publication. You can still use and enjoy your profile as much as you want. But we will make sure you are perceived as a valuable person in the network of your prospects.

Analyses & tuning 

How do you complete a marathon? Do not stop.

We connect you to more and more prospects. We keep on going every day, every week, the whole year round.

Likewise, we start 1-on-1 conversations, ask questions and add value. Most importantly: we are always ready to convert the contact into a meeting.

for you

Do you want to know why these projects are almost always successful?  We choose a Smart strategy and keep on using insights from collected data and testing to find the most effective route.

By deploying A/B tests with different messages, styles, and subgroups, we find out which ways work best. We report at least monthly, to stay on top!

We organise events to meet people and give personal attention. But without automation, we could never give visitors the service and smartly timed information before and after the events.

Patrick Louwe

CEO & founder, it2grow

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How smart can your business get?

We cannot say right now that your business will run much better with marketing automation.

We are sure we will be able to tell you that when we have really met. Because if we have talked at length about your situation and challenges, we can think along with you about your opportunities.

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