More followers for your LinkedIn Company page, why would you?

It sometimes takes effort to convince business owners of the importance of having enough content and followers on their LinkedIn Company page. Probably also because it is something you have to work on structurally and that takes a longer breath without immediate hard results. So better to put your energy into other things, right?

We have clients for whom LinkedIn is not very important. Their primary target audience is not very active on LinkedIn and therefore they do not use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation. But for the majority of our clients, LinkedIn is hugely important.

  1. Is it also important for you to reach customers, old customers and prospects via LinkedIn?
  2. Do you have few followers on your LinkedIn Company page?

Then this article is really something for you, because your Company page can contribute to your success in various ways

What is the value of Company page followers?

Maintaining a personal LinkedIn profile is often already a daunting task, let alone maintaining a Company Page. It is also sometimes difficult for us to do it consistently. Yet it is really worth it for B2B organizations.

A few important reasons to invest time and effort in your Company page are:

  • Confirming what you have to offer as an organisation/brand
  • Making meaningful contacts with interested parties (prospects)
  • Introducing and naming new developments to test responses
  • Interaction with professionals in the target group and in your market (potential partners/suppliers, employees)
  • An extra outlet for your (LinkedIn) content

The tricky thing is that you will not immediately see most of the results of these reasons, despite the effort you put into content and interaction.

What you know for sure is that it only makes sense if you also reach people, and for that you need as many relevant followers of your Company page as possible. They really don’t come naturally. Certainly not to the extent I wish for you.

How do you get more RELEVANT followers?

Last year we set ourselves the goal of getting 1,000 followers. We succeeded. Apparently the information was not of interest to a few followers, so at the time of writing we have 968 followers.

Actually, those few ‘unfollowers’ made me happy. In fact, that was the trigger for me to set a new goal: 1,500 relevant followers + more interaction on our content. And that was the trigger to write this article 🙂


1) Complete your Company Page

Logical, but not unimportant. It goes without saying that it is important to at least completely fill your Company page. Nothing is as unbelievable as a half-filled profile.

According to LinkedIn itself, complete Company pages are viewed 30% more than incomplete pages.

You can even make your Company page easier to find with these SEO tips.

2) Be inspired by the makers themselves and by…

You can of course try to find out for yourself, but you can also go on an inspiration tour along LinkedIn’s tips for SME organisations. They have a kind of 5 step plan. You can find it here. They also give tips on the number of publications, but that is very ambitious. Don’t let that discourage you! As long as your content is relevant and current, just do it right!

Also take a look at the Pages of your main competitors and suppliers. Perhaps you can see there how you do not or do not want to do it.

3) Get followers proactively

The aforementioned play-book also contains tips on how to get extra followers. You can put a ‘Follow us’ button in your mail footer, invite people on your website and other Social Media to follow your Company page. All nothing wrong with that.

The most direct is probably using the standard LinkedIn function to invite people in your first line network to follow your Company page. You get that function if you are one of the administrators of the Company page. You can invite at least 250 connections per month. But choose carefully who you are going to invite or better still: read the next paragraph first.

4) Take the time to really invite people in person

There’s nothing wrong with using that default function, but it works with default text, which is a bit impersonal. You really miss the opportunity to tell why people would benefit from following your Company page. Moreover, you miss the chance to get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Write in a few lines why you would like someone to follow your Company page; for example because you would appreciate their comments, additions and referrals or because you think they could really benefit from your tips and content. You can then cut and paste this ‘standard text’ into messages that you send to relevant contacts via your LinkedIn Inbox. You can always supplement the standard text with a personal salutation and perhaps with a personal comment or question.

Believe me, this will take a little extra time. It is little effort, has much more impact and at the same time you seize the opportunity to reactivate a number of lost contacts.


Remember that this way you can approach people who already follow your Company page. So a little postscript to apologize for that beforehand would be helpful.

5) Interact with people who comment on your content

Dit is belangrijk omdat die interactie juist één van de doelstellingen is én het vergroot het bereik van de content. This is important because that interaction is one of the objectives and it increases the reach of the content. That greater reach can in turn yield additional (relevant) followers.

We at TachYons can learn something from that. We will be much more interactive on comments and mentions in the coming time. We can learn something from anyone who puts effort into our content or is interested in the same subject. So bring on those comments!

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