Personal contact with your target group


Appointments in your calendar, greater reach in your target group and brand awareness via LinkedIn

We put you in touch with the decision-makers in your target audience You close the deals!

Already since 2019 we are using Social Runner. It is the most constant campaign that delivers results every time. Not only direct appointments, but also awareness in new target groups and regular new participants in our events

Patrick Louwe

Founder and CEO, it2grow

What is Social Runner?

With Social Runner, we make sure your LinkedIn profile makes dozens of new contacts every day and we conduct personal conversations with interesting prospects from your LinkedIn inbox.
Does a lead arise? Then we will transfer the contact to you.

How does it work?

We use your profile to make contacts, have conversations and work towards personal appointments. You yourself can continue to use LinkedIn as normal.

What does it yield?

Appointments with prospects in your target group, a fast-growing relevant LinkedIn network in your target group and more reach for your other marketing activities.

How to keep on getting new customers via LinkedIn

Social Runner: LinkedIn on steroids

Personal approach

Our agents work 1-on-1 for you on your campaigns. They provide the personalised messages and work continuously to improve returns.

Direct contact makes communication efficient. In doing so, you can move quickly when needed.

The tricky thing is that I have a lot of projects side by side. Social Runner can run and track those simultaneously. I only need to focus on the contacts who are interested NOW. Never before have I reached and spoken to so many relevant people.

Paul van Wageningen

Partner, Franchise Match

Reach for it with Social Runner!

Over 9 million LinkedIn profiles in The Netherlands.

We have reached more than 873,000 prospects since 2018.

Currently 36 campaigns active in 11 industries.

Target audiences in many countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Personal appointments with decision-makers

Score appointments with prospects who meet your criteria. If you want, we can even schedule the appointment for you in your diary.

Get more results from your other marketing

Social Runner provides many new relevant 1st-line connections in your target audience. This way, we make sure your marketing messages and personal publications reach their timeline as well as their inbox.

Reach into your target audience

We conduct your interviews with decision-makers and influencers in your target audience. We ask your questions, tell your message and gauge their interest.

Feedback from your target audience

On a monthly basis, we discuss the results of your campaigns. Relevant valuable responses from your target group go through.

Complete dashboard

Log in to your own dashboard and see the results. Every month, we discuss progress, transferred leads and opportunities for the coming period.

24/7 insight into results and comparison of campaigns

View the leads per campaign and other important success ratios, such as acceptance, number of messages, replies, leads, etc.

24/7 real-time reporting via portal dashboard

LinkedIn success formula in 6 steps


We know exactly what works and what doesn’t on LinkedIn.
You know who and what you want to achieve, together we will come up with the smartest approach.

Read how we help you achieve results.

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Target groups & Proposition


We want to understand your strategic choices. Which target groups are important to you and why. What value do you add for that target group & why do customers choose you?

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LinkedIn Profile & Social Runner

We connect your LinkedIn profile to Social Runner via the official LinkedIn API. You also receive a personal login to your 24/7 Social Runner dashboard.

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Test & optimize approach

We will quickly start testing the approach on a small part of the target group. With our LinkedIn experience and your market knowledge, we can set up A/B tests for greater returns.

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Pick up the pace

Make it good before you make it fast. Once we have found the right approach, we will increase the pace. We can also tackle different campaigns/target groups at the same time.

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Lead transfer & scheduling appointments

We conduct conversations on your behalf with interesting prospects to see whether they meet your criteria and whether they are ‘in’ for an appointment. We will then transfer the contact.

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Monthly evaluation

We meet every month, more often in the beginning. Your Social Runner agent, one of our consultants and you discuss the results, the working method, improvement options and your other marketing activities.

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Continuously optimize

We continue to work on improving the KPIs/ratios. Consider the number of accepted connection requests, the number of positive responses and of course the number of leads.

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Would you like to discuss your challenge?

Would you like to know how we would tackle your commercial challenge with Social Runner? Let’s schedule an appointment to get acquainted and discuss your challenge and strategy.

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